What We Do

The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) promotes and celebrates persons and programs that contribute to reconciliation, mutual respect, harmony and cooperation among all people, as One Family under God.

Through partnerships with organizations around the world, GPF programs facilitate intercultural and inter-religious cooperation, strengthen families and communities, and foster a culture of service and peace.

The Global Peace Foundation is committed to a multi-sector collaborative approach, and works with a wide range of partners on specific initiatives. Our activities are organized around the focus areas of social cohesion and peacebuilding, moral and innovative leadership, empowering families, and advancing community-based development models in collaboration with government, civil society and faith-based partners.

The Global Peace Foundation – India (GPF-India) chapter focuses on India’s unique role in addressing such issues. In particular GPF-India is tapping into India’s richly diverse spiritual heritage by building an interfaith network of religious leaders who are pioneering models of interfaith action and leadership.


Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding


Extremist ideologies and identity-based conflicts disrupt communities, inflict suffering on innocent lives and further impoverish peoples with limited economic opportunities. GPF builds broad-based partnerships to build a social consensus based on shared principles and values in regions particularly vulnerable to conflict. Working in Kenya, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Indonesia, GPF engages diverse faith communities, traditional rulers, community leaders, educators, business leaders and other stakeholders to advance grass-roots initiatives to recognize and uphold shared principles and values as the basis of social cohesion.


Moral and Innovative Leadership


Great movements for social change, political reform and human rights have brought transformational development through visionary and principled leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela. Recognition of the inherent worth of all people as members of One Family under God can lead to consensus on values and form the basis for social harmony and community cooperation.
To advance such a consensus as a foundation for leadership, GPF hosts government, civil society and faith leaders from around the world at an annual Global Peace Convention. Regional Global Peace Leadership Conferences address issues of good governance, multi-faith cooperation, and sustainable development through the inclusion of stakeholders from every sector of society. International Young Leaders Assemblies are in-depth leadership training programs for university and graduate students and young professionals.


Empowering Families


Loss of traditional social structures, underdevelopment and lack of opportunity, and weakening of the family undermine the promise of youth as potentially the greatest resource for positive social change. Addressing these challenges requires comprehensive engagement of government, civic and faith-based organizations, and schools.

GPF’s Character and Creativity Initiative works with educators, community stakeholders, parents and students to nurture character, creativity and leadership through transforming school culture. Mentoring programs support at-risk students and model entrepreneurial programs develop and expand vocational and technical training to more effectively meet the needs of employers and thus reduce youth unemployment and related social problems.

GPF also sponsors cross-cultural exchanges for youth, environmental conservation projects, and international service learning projects that enable students and young professionals to transcend religious and ethnic perspectives and recognize the common aspirations of peers from every background.


Model Development Initiatives


The Global Peace Foundation brings together experts and innovators to advance new approaches to providing human services in communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. These initiatives involve local communities in the investment and guidance of programs to advance education and vocational training, and support start-up business ventures.
GPF development projects encourage service as a strategic component to build cohesion across religious, ethnic and cultural divides. GPF also recognizes the importance of business, which thrives in an environment of peace and stability, as a key partner in building lasting development models. The Global Peace Business Council is a forum for business leaders to promote peace and through investment in model initiatives that promote shared values as a foundation for development and social cohesion.