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GPF India, in collaboration with FK Norway, and GPYC Nepal is organizing fully sponsored project “Youth For Peace”- a exchange program with a view to develop critical awareness among the youth about reality and challenges and engage them in social actions in a different culture and community for peace so that the youth participants develop unique skills, knowledge and experiences.It also aims to facilitate collective learning process about building sustainable peace and educating others.

The project Youth for Peace is organised two times a year called summer camp and winter camp. Each camp consists of five different parts:

Preparatory Course; Youth Camp in Norway; 3 months posting in Nepal; Homecoming Seminar; and Follow-up work in India.

Preparatory Course:

Before embarking on an exchange as a youth participant, the participants will attend a two-week preparatory course. The objective is to prepare them for working and living abroad in a new social and cultural setting and in an unfamiliar working environment.

Youth Camp in Norway:

The participants will attend one week Youth Camp in Norway before 3 month posting in Nepal where they will meet different youth across the globe which enhances their understanding of different culture and community and prepare them for 3 months posting.

Three Month Posting in Nepal:

During the exchanges, participants will be peace advocator learning process about building sustainable peace and educating others. They will organize leadership development activities, community service activities, conduct research and documentary, visit cultural and historical heritage.

Homecoming seminar:

After the completion of exchange the participants will attend a homecoming seminar. The purpose is to reflect the summary of experiences, lessons learned, and planning for the follow up activities.

Follow-up Work in Home Country:    

Upon return in the home country, the participants will apply what they have learned to implement projects that serve contribution in their communities.


Through youth exchange the participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Meet people of diverse backgrounds and cultures from different countries
  • Gain knowledge and lifetime experiences which are meaningful, resourceful, and constructive lessons
  • Develop confidence and skills
  • Have an open mind for an intellectual and courteous personality
  • Gain better cross-cultural understanding


The participants can expect to develop

  • Leadership knowledge, including:
    • Knowledge of techniques and methods leaders can use to advance social change
    • Knowledge of youth and social issues and how they relate to the context of society
    • Understanding of personal leadership style, strengths and opportunities for personal growth
  • Skills that facilitate leadership , including
    • Public speaking and presenting
    • Group facilitation
    • Ability to work with others collaboratively
    • Self-assessment and reflection on practice
    • Public relation and good team player
  • Attitudes of leadership , including :
    • A sense of individual responsibility
    • A sense of living for the greater good
    • Commitment to understanding and developing leadership skills


  • Minimum 3 months volunteering in Global Peace Foundation India. (For internship/volunteering kindly apply online from this link.)
  • Participants must be between the age of 18 to 30, on the date of application.
  • Participants must have a valid passport.
  • Participants must declare about his/her disability or health issue, if any.


The accommodation along with meal will be provided.


The cost of health insurance for the duration of the participant’s stay in the host country will be provided from GPF India.


GPF India will be responsible for all the travelling expenditure.


  1. Understanding the Goals and Objectives that is set within the project and each individual.
  2. Identify goals and outcomes and reflect on the progress each step.
  3. Maintain proper communication and reporting, most especially during the exchange period in order to facilitate good rapport and understand any changes that might be undergoing or in appreciating the new way of life that you are experiencing.
  4. Being transparent.
  5. Being conscious and responsive. Responds to any particular questions or inputs raised by the group in order to create understanding of how inputs will be used and considered.

Summer Camp  

Month Activities
July Preparatory Seminar Apply Here for Summer Camp
August Youth Camp In Norway
September, October and  November Posting Period in Nepal

Winter Camp

Month Activities
December Preparatory Seminar Apply Here for Winter Camp
January Youth Camp In Norway
February, March and  April            .  Posting Period in Nepal

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Click here for Report and Reflection from Youth Participants.


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